A list of known bugs in TGP.

0.4.9 Bugs[edit | edit source]

Session Loading bug[edit | edit source]

Upon loading a session a player may be stuck in the air, unable to move without any loaded terrain. The player is capable of dying, but will respawn in the same position that they loaded in.

Stair bug[edit | edit source]

In build mode, if a player deletes stairs and uses the "undo" option to place aforementioned stairs down, the player may make create multiple long staircases that span several floors. A player can not build through the stairs similarly to a normal staircase, but the stairs cannot be deleted and will not make openings to access other floors.

Ghost Player bug[edit | edit source]

If a player leaves a lobby before the game starts, the player will still be counted in the total player count. This will break the server/client circle, making the session impossible to enter normally.

Card Phasing bug[edit | edit source]

If a player places down a punched card on the ground outside of their home after they have entered the Medium, the card may phase though the floor and disappear into the world. There is currently no known way to retrieve the punched card, other than to make it again.

0.4.6 Bugs[edit | edit source]

Entry Item bug[edit | edit source]

The piñata cruxite artifacts (Bec, GCat, Horse) will disappear as soon as they are alchemized. This can be worked around by the server player simply deleting it deploying another one.

Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text bug[edit | edit source]

Alchemizing Colonel Sassacre's Daunting Text with any weapon or equipment will drastically raise its attack speed/scamper and costs a negative amount of grist to create.

House Creator Save bug[edit | edit source]

Mac users cannot save houses in the House Creator.

Laptop bug[edit | edit source]

A house with a laptop breaks the map.

Sburb Disc bugs[edit | edit source]

The Sburb disc will sometimes glitch through the ground and cannot be retrieved. In multiplayer sessions, this cannot be rectified as the Atheneum starts out empty.

The Sburb disc can also accidentally be deleted if the player manages to captchalogue a laptop with the disc still inside and then places the laptop in a chest.

0.4.5 Bugs[edit | edit source]

Wall bug[edit | edit source]

In Build Mode, windows and posters will not rotate to be placed on two sides of a house.

iShades bug[edit | edit source]

If you create the iShades you will not be able to equip them and it might ruin your face-slot all together.

Dungeon Bug[edit | edit source]

While in a multiplayer session it is common for a player's dungeon to fuse into the host's house.

Table Bug[edit | edit source]

In house creator mode, if you place an item inside the table slot, when you load up the house in a actual session the item will be doubled.

Poster bug[edit | edit source]

Posters placed on walls during Build Mode may move forward on the grid and clip through walls, doors, and furniture nearby.

Sburb Disc / Laptop bug[edit | edit source]

A Sburb Disc placed in a laptop may disappear upon restarting the game.

Water bug[edit | edit source]

Players may be able to walk on water while on their lands.

Machine bug[edit | edit source]

Machines placed in Build Mode may not appear to other players until the game is restarted.

Attack bug[edit | edit source]

Players may not be able to attack until the game is restarted.

Terrain bug[edit | edit source]

Players may get stuck inside mountains and land pits.

Clothing bug[edit | edit source]

Clothing models may flicker over socks and underwear.

Hiveswap Disc bug[edit | edit source]

Placing the Hiveswap Disc on the second+ floor may cause the item to clip through to the first floor.

Overlapping Items bug[edit | edit source]

Items overlapping furniture on the second+floor may cause the items to clip through to the first floor.

Player Has Left bug[edit | edit source]

Invited players may show up in the text chat as having left before the players enter the game.

Reentry bug[edit | edit source]

Reentering a session may unequip all clothing, reset grist to 10, decrease health and stamina regeneration to +.1, remove the ability to attack, slide, and defend more than once, and cause all enemies to ignore the player.

Stair Bug[edit | edit source]

Chunks of floor may appear above stairs when built.

Multiple-Stair Bug[edit | edit source]

Attempting to build multiple levels of stairs as one (by further dragging the cursor upwards) may bug the stair itself and it's surroundings, and may crash the entire session.

Gate Bug[edit | edit source]

The second gate (the one leading to the client's house) may not work.

Land's Dungeon Bug[edit | edit source]

A player may get stuck in a dungeon entered via the land (non-functional exit)

Sprite Bug[edit | edit source]

Prototyped sprites may not show the correct prototypation to other players.

Totem Lathe Bug[edit | edit source]

The Totem Lathe may stop correctly rendering the cruxite (may show uncarved or wrong cruxite, or render an uncarved/wrong cruxite permanently)

Alchemiter Bug[edit | edit source]

The Alchemiter may get bugged and render a Cruxite outside it's own pedestal, 1 unit displaced by one side. The cruxite will return to the correct position if the alchemiter is used while the animation is playing, but it may be displaced again later.

Weapon Bug[edit | edit source]

Having different types of strife specibi may render a specific or multiple weapons unusable and erratical.

0.4.4 Bugs[edit | edit source]

iShades bug[edit | edit source]

When iShades are equipped, five pairs float above the player's head when facing the screen. While the iShades are visible, the player cannot remove clothing items or exit the game through the menu.

iShades bug, menu off. (Screencap by user tygyh)

iShades bug, menu on, equipment tab. (Screencap by user tygyh)

Infinite Sprites bug[edit | edit source]

Infinite sprites bug (screencap by player tantalizingEcstasy)

The player may encounter a bug in which two or more unprototyped sprites are generated, instead of the intended one sprite per player.

Dungeon Exit bug[edit | edit source]

After the player exits a dungeon, their house is converted into a dungeon with enemies, chests, and invisible walls. When the player attempts to exit the dungeon, they are teleported into their starting room, and the house remains a dungeon.

Session Exit bug[edit | edit source]

When a player ends a session and returns later, their Echeladder level will be returned to zero, their equipment slots will be empty, and their scamper speed will be reduced to 1.

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