The Genesis Project Official Wiki

The Bunny Sprite is a sprite version of the bunny seen in 1997's Con Air. The bunny speaks excitedly with a lot of exclamation marks and it uses emoticons to display emotion.

Upon starting a conversation:

<0/>!! im so glad im finally able to talk with u!!!! this is all so confusing! and im still so new at this!! but at least i dont have to go through it alone!

If the player responds with ">Huh?"

...!!! you dont remember me…? i mean… it has been so long… maybe i shouldnt have expected the most from u… :’( uhhh!!!! i dont mean that in a bad way or anything!! hehe that came out wrong o_o’’ i just mean that i shouldnt have expected u to remember me after all this time but i still remember u! i remember how u would snuggle up with me every night! ^_^ and then u got older and i wasnt necessary anymore dont feel bad about it though!!! :D how would u have known i would come to life one day? ;D anyway, this is a new opportunity for u! this game is bigger than u know! and youre going to do some really cool things here! just watch, itll be great! and ill be with u every step of the way! :D

If the Player responds with ">Yeah!"

hehehe! itll be just like old times! 8) u have no idea how excited i am for this!!!! lets go save the world!