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A Dungeon can be found in any Land, and the entrance appears as a hill with a pipe, ruins, pyramids, and possibly more (add more if you know one). It is grey in colour. There are two known types of dungeons: linear and mazelike. Both types contain Underlings of all five elements.

Dungeon Types[]

Player inside Dungeon.


Linear dungeons have the exact same structure and continue straight, with two Cakes in small alcoves to the right. Flowers and rocks are placed around the floors. There are gates blocking the player's path -- however,these can be opened by selecting the gate and clicking the Open Gate button. There is also a door leading to the second segment of the dungeon, where all the chests in the dungeon are located (including the Huge Chest.) There is another Cake upside-down atop the exit portal.


Mazelike dungeons are randomized (except on re-entry into the same dungeon.) They feature a series of rectangular rooms connected by doors. A room can have 1 to 4 doors. Many of the rooms contain Chests (including the Huge Chest.) There is also a chance for a room to contain a Bear Trap, Torch, or Chains. There is no exit portal; the player leaves through the entrance portal.

Final Boss Dungeon[]

The final boss dungeon is a ruins-type dungeon on the outside with a giant broken stone version of the SBURB logo. The dungeon inside has mostly Lich inside. it is a mix of Mazelike and Linear in that of there is mazes at the beginning, but when you get close to the boss it's linear.