A fetch modus is a type of inventory system that the player character uses to carry items. There are multiple types of fetch modus. The basic modii the player starts out with all revolve around data structures: Stack, Queue, Array, Hashmap, and Tree.

Stack Modus Edit

The Stack modus is a very simple modus, it works by only allowing you to take Items from the top of the Stack, If the Stack modus is full, and you add another Item into it, it will push whatever the last Item of the modus is out, this Modus can hold up to 8 different Items, before it has to push an Item out.

Queue Modus Edit

The Queue modus works similar to the Stack modus, you can only take the first Item of your deck, but if the Queue modus is full, it will also eject the first Item in your modus, this modus can also hold up to 8 items before it has to eject the first one of its deck.

Tree Modus Edit

The Tree modus is a more complicated modus, the Tree modus starts of with a sort of Trunk, which would be one Item representing that, adding more Items re-arranges that, adding more Items to the Trunk, they become Branches, and so on to Leaves, this Modus can only hold up to 6 Items, one Trunk, two Branches, and three Leaves, adding more Items to this full modus with not eject anything, but to access a Trunk or Branch item, you need to first remove the Item on top of it.

Array Modus Edit

The Array modus is the most simple out of all Modus, the Array modus can only hold up to 4 Items at a time, with the Array modus you can grab any Item from it no matter what, just like the Tree modus, it won't eject Items when its full.

Hashmap Modus Edit

The Hashmap modus is a more complicated modus, the maximum amount of Items it can hold are 4, and it goes based off of the Hash Function, Each card in the deck is given an index from zero to the number of cards in the deck minus 1, so it would have an index 0 to 3, with 4 Card spaces.

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