In the game you can use your Punch Designix to turn cards into punched cards and fuse them and combine them with others. You can either overlap cards represented by && or by punching cards together, you'll get different results depending on what you punch and how. This is a list of currently known tags you can give other items, such as weapons.

Tag Masterlist Edit

  • Bouncy - Adds extra knockback to weapons. Applied to armour, gives you ability to jump higher (which may be a bad thing if you're relying on spin attacking).
  • Burning - Enemies take damage over time for a short period.
  • Cold - Slows down enemies. On armour lows your jump height.
  • Crockercorp
  • Electronic - Adds the ability to access the build screen without a computer.
  • Explosive - In ranged weapons, the bullets shot explode on impact. In melee weapons, the weapons explode once used.
  • Fragile - Melee weapons break on first hit.
  • Grimdark
  • Heavy
  • Lightning - Adds lightning damage to the weapon. Also adds a cosmetic lightning effect.
  • Magic
  • Menacing
  • Nerf
  • Piercing - Ranged weapons' shots go through enemies, and can hit other enemies.
  • Poison - Enemies take damage over time for a couple seconds.
  • Radioactive - Adds radioactive damage.
  • Scatter - Ranged weapons shoot 3 bullets instead of 1
  • Shitty - Does negative damage. Can heal enemies and other players.
  • Volatile

&& Quality Edit

We will focus on the tags the card will give the Royal Deringer (R.D) as a starting point.

R.D && Nails = Piercing Royal Deringer Adds .5 Dmg and gives it the Piercing Quality

R.D && Faygo= Faeringer Adds .2 Dmg

R.D && Cake = Broadsword Crocker 3 Dmg Base, Has extended reach

R.D && Smoke Pellets = Stunt Sword 1 Dmg Base

R.D && Rat Poison = Poison Royal Deringer Adds .5 Dmg and gives the Poison Quality, + Has a green look Cost=22

Deals Poison Dmg on hit which slowly drains the enemy's Hp for a short time

R.D && Battery = Lightning Royal Ringer adds .2 Dmg and gives the Lightning Quality, + Has a Lightsaber-ish look Costs= 19

R.D && Perfectly Generic Object = Perfectly Geeringer, Same Base Dmg (5), Gives the P.G.O Quality?

R.D && Dutton Photo = Duttoneringer, Same Base Dmg (5), Gives the Dutton Quality?

R.D && Fake Arms = Stund Sword 1 Dmg Base

R.D && Iron = Ireringer Adds .2 Dmg

R.D && Stabler = Staeringer Adds .2 Dmg

R.D && Candle = Burning Royal Ringer, Adds .2 Dmg, Gives the Burning Quality (Lights enemies on fire)

R.D && Campfire = Burning Royal Ringer (Same as above)

R.D && Bunny = Con Aieringer, Same Base Dmg (5)

R.D && Vile Smut = Smut Sword, 1 Base Dmg Has the ( Rancorous ) Quality?? Same as Homestuck for dummys

R.D && Egg = Fragile Royal Deringer, Gives the Fragile Quality (Breaks after one hit) +has darker shadowing

R.D && Uranium = Radioactive Royal Deringer adds .8 Dmg Gives the Radioactive Quality ( adds radiation Dmg)

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