The Katana is a Bladekind weapon, and as such, will either slot into your Bladekind Strife Specibus or create a new one. Attempting to equip the Katana when your Strife Specibus has four other specibi will result in the weapon being captchalogued.

The Katana deals 2 base damage, and can attack 2 times per second.

Obtaining Edit

The Katana can either be created using a Cruxite dowel from the Explore Atheneum tab while in Sburb, and can be found naturally in these maps:

In Crafting Edit

Trivia Edit

The most notable katanas in Homestuck were the Ninja Sword wielded by Dave Strider and the Unbreakable Katana by Dirk Strider. It's safe to assume the katana in The Genesis Project is either neither of these weapons, based on the color and material of the grip of the 3D model, but may be a Ninja Sword based off the 2D sprite.

When created using Alchemy, the Katana appears to be stuck blade-down into the Alchemiter. This may be a reference to the legendary sword in the stone.

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