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The Knight Sprite is a sprite version of a long-dead knight. It has some particularly foreshadowing dialog but makes no cosmetic changes to opponents.

Upon starting a conversation:

Hark! You there! Explain this predicament this very instant! A most curious change of state has left me befuddled! Completely befuddled! A wizard must have pulled my very essence from the depths of the dead, and enchanted it into this ethereal body! Was it you? Did you do this? Explain!

If the player responds with ">I don't know either!"

What cruel world is this? Where am I? Wait just a moment... It is coming back to me now... ...Somehow... ...It seems I am recalling events that have never transpired. Let me tell you what I am seeing. It all leads to you, child. I see entities of immense power, almost god-like.These entities, despite their awesome competency, are still young in both spirit and body. They have a long journey ahead of them before they grow and thrive. A journey I cannot articulate to you. But it is one you will face soon enough. You are destined for great things child, and now I understand why I have been chosen to guide you through it.

If the player responds with ">Yes, I am the wizard. It's me."

Villain! Return me at once! And what is all this information in my mind! Where did it come from? Unreachable fragments of unknowable things! Things, confusing in nature and in practice. Skaia, lands, and Denizens. But also fragments of familiar roles. Knights, Seers, Heirs, and Witches. Maybe this strange new world isn't so different after all. And I see now, that I was retrieved to guide you. ... Very well, wizard. I forgive your bashful interruption of my slumber. I agree to serve you well, as I have done before to lords as great as the kingdoms they ruled over. But something is telling me that you will be far greater than any lord or king before you. Lead the way, wizard. I will be by your side.