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As is the same in Homestuck, all planets (also known as Lands) named use the "Land Of X and Y" layout. Lands in The Genesis Project do not randomly generate the X and Y in the title but rather select from a list of premade titles, such as Land of Grass And Growth and Land of Tombs and Traps. The only exception to this applies to all space aspect players, whose land uses the "Land of X and Frogs" layout. There are unique sets of planets for each aspect, some sharing similar Biomes

On land generation, the title is picked. From the X in the title, the land's biome and layout is picked. Land titles can share biomes (ie. Fracture and Grass are both Earth-kind). The Y in the title does not affect land generation currently.

To enter your land, enter the first gate above your house.


Every land has its own biome, determining the Ocean height and color and the Lands height and color. It also determines the dungeon appearance, the objects populating your land, and the general terrain.


The most common land appears to be almost earth like in its appearance, and appears to generate the most often in testing. Its surface is covered in green plains and blue oceans, with a sprinkling of grey mountains with white snow caps. A variant of this land may generate, making the oceans black and the land a deep blue. 



The second model/variant appears to be covered in snowy tundras and frozen oceans. No rivers generate on its surface, making it hard to discern if the land is a variant of the Earth-Kind or if it is an entirely separate model.



The third model appears to be mostly flat and sandy, with a few blue rivers and brown mountains. Unlike the other possible lands, seems to have no known variants.



The fourth model appears to be coated in lava with jagged black mountains. A variant of this land changes the black mountains to be blood red.


Land of X and Frogs[]

As stated above, all lands made by space players will have the Y in the title be Frogs. This appears to have no bearing on what name is chosen, as it will simply substitute the Y in a title for Frogs, regardless of what Y was. (Example: if Land of Grass And Growth is chosen for a space player, its title will become Land of Grass and Frogs.)


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