A map, also called a house, is the starting area for the player in The Genesis Project. The game comes with ten default maps, but the player may create custom maps or download additional fan-created maps to use instead.

All default maps contain a Sburb Disc and a Sburb Guide for Assholes somewhere within its bounds. The Sburb Guide for Assholes is usually in the player's room, but the Sburb Disc tends to be hidden somewhere on the map.

This article contains descriptions of each map, including the location of their respective Sburb Discs.

Default Maps Edit

Dad_Tower Edit

This map consists of a single building with 11 floors and a multitude of Guardians.

The first floor's door to the outside is right in front of a double-width stairway. To the left are two couches in front of a television set. Behind the stairway is a door to two more couches, and then a door to the kitchen. Ten stools sit around the dining table.

The second floor has five doors. The first door from the stairs is the laundry room. The laundry room has nine hats strewn freely across it. Across the laundry room is a normal bathroom. The player's room is to the left of the bathroom. The door to the left of that leads to a balcony. The final door begins the ascension of the tower. It contains a bedroom and a staircase going up.

The third floor has three clothes hangers. The fourth has three knights, a tomb, a torn jester, and four Bladekind weapons. The fifth has twelve eggs and is otherwise empty. The sixth is a fairly normal bedroom with movie posters and various musical instruments. The seventh is covered in smoke pellets. The eighth is full of birthday cakes and campfires. There's uranium on the ninth floor. The tenth floor has farming tables, flowers, a bed, and a chest.

The eleventh floor has a bed, two mechanical fans, one paper fan, a Nic Cage poster, a dresser, a table, a rolling chair, and fine china. The Sburb Disc is underneath the table. There's a door leading to the outside fire escape. You can quickly return to your room through this route.

Items Edit

Items Weapons Clothes Posters
Bass Guitar x1 Ball x1 Black Boots x1 Armageddon Poster x1
Campfire x4 Baseball Bat x1 Cat Ears x1 A Time to Kill Poster x1
Candle x4 Book x1 Hat x2 Con Air Poster x1
Con Air Bunny x1 Bow x1 Leather-bound Glasses x1 Failure to Launch Poster x1
Egg x16 Branch x1 Newsboy Cap x3 Ghostbusters Poster x1
Faygo x4 Broom x1 Ribbon x1 SBaJH Furry Poster x1
Fine China x1 Cake x3 Scarf x2 SBaJH Hot God Poster x1
Hot Dog x1 Fan x1 Sombrero x2 SBaJH Stairs Poster x1
Ice Cube x5 Fork x1 Top Hat x2
Needles x1 Golf Club x1 Wide Brimmed Hat x1
PDA x2 Grimoire x1
Perfectly Generic Object x1 Iron x2
Pogo x1 Katana x3
Rat Poison x1 Knife x3
Sburb Disc x1 Pile of Shurikens x1
Smoke Pellets x6 Rolling Pin x1
Squiddle x1 Sassacre's x1
Uranium x2 Sburb Guide for Assholes x1
Violin x1 Stapler x1

Furniture Edit

Containers Chairs Interactive Misc.
Book Shelf x1 Couch x4 Bed, Plain x10 Fence x?
CD Case x1 Deck Chair x4 Desktop and Printer x1 Flower, Blue x3
Chest, Large x1 Rolling Chair x2 Knight x1 Flower, Small Pink x1
Clothes Hanger x3 Toilet x1 Flower, Small Yellow x1
Dresser x5 Garden Table, Bean x1
Long Container x1 Garden Table, Vegetable x1
Refrigerator x1 Ironing Table x1
Refrigerator Box x3 Jester x1
Stool x10 Mechanical Fan x4
Stove x1 Shield and Sword x1
Trash Can x4 Sink, Bathroom x1
Wall Sheath x1 Sink, Kitchen x1
Washer x2 Speaker, Large x3
Speaker, Small x1
Television Set x1
Tomb x1
Tub x1
Turntables x1
Wardrobifier x2
Wine Shelf x1

Dave Edit

Dave House

Overhead view of the Dave default house.

This map is modeled off of Dave's apartment from Homestuck. It has two stories.

The player's bedroom has a blue box containing extra captchalogue cards. The room next to the player's room is the bathroom. Across from that is the kitchen. In the kitchen, the food is stashed in a chest with ice in it. Weapons are in the fridge, behind the counter, inside the microwave, in the sink, and on the wall. Five hats sit on a table. Four nails block the door to the roof. The Sburb Disc is on the roof.

NOTE: Dave's apartment, being an apartment, does not have outside leading doors. If you fall off the roof before you place a door outside, you will be stuck.

Items Weapons Clothes Posters
Battery x2 Basketball x1 Newsboy Cap x5 SBaJH Stairs Poster x2
Con Air Bunny x1 Firework Rocket x2
Dutton Photo x1 Hatchet x1
Egg x1 Katana x5
Faygo x Pile of Shurikens x1
Hot Dog x1
Ice Cube x1
Nails x4
Perfectly Generic Object x2
Rat Poison x2
Smoke Pellets x1

Garden Edit

Garden House

Overhead view of the Garden default house.

This map has two buildings and two stories. It features several gardening tables, several trees, a hedge fence, and a tomb on the outside.

The player's room is on the second floor and has a balcony with a gardening table. Another bedroom is next to it, also with a balcony. There's a safe in this room. After that, stairs lead down to the first floor.

The main area of the first floor has a couch and a television set. The Sburb Disc is on the couch. Other rooms include a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining room with a birthday cake. Both the dining room and the main room have doors leading out to the garden.

A smaller building sits in the garden. Inside is a torn jester, a table, and a wall shelf.

Great Edit


Overhead view of the Great default house.

This map has one building with two stories.

The Sburb Disc can be found in the CD shelf by the player's computer. There's also a laptop in the chest. Across the hall is a bathroom and a bedroom with a safe. The kitchen is also on this floor, and leads to a laundry room and then the main living room. The main living room is also accessible from the first hallway.

The living room has two other doors and a staircase. One door leads to the back of the house, which is empty, and the other leads to a storage room with a large box. Up the stairs is a piano and another hallway. This hall has three doors. One to an empty room and an empty roof, another to a room with three gardening tables, and the third to a bedroom with a couch and a television set. There's another door there which leads to a bathroom.

Industrial Edit


Overhead view of the Industrial default house.

This map has one building with three floors and a rooftop picnic area.

The player's room has a piano in it. The door exits onto a roof, which the player must cross to get to the kitchen. The kitchen has stairs leading down to the next floor, which contains an extra oven and another set of stairs.

The room at the bottom has four large boxes and a door to a room with two doors, a staircase, a mantle, and a large chest. The Sburb Disc is on top of this chest. One of the doors goes outside, while the other leads to a hallway with three more doors and a knight. One to the bathroom, one to the laundry room, and the last to the backyard, which is fenced off.

The stairs in the room before the hall goes up to another door, which opens onto the picnic roof. Another door is accessible now which opens into another bedroom.

Interlude Edit

Interlude House

Overhead view of the Interlude default house.

This map has two buildings (connected by a bridge) and three stories. One of the buildings is surrounded by a hedge fence. Pounce de Leon, Nepeta's lusus, is found throughout the map. It notably features three tall satellites on its roofs.

The Sburb Disc can be found outside the second building, in front of the mailbox. Rotating the camera may be required to pick it up.

Items Weapons Clothes Posters
Bass Guitar x1 Ball x1 Beaglepuss x1 Pure Art x2
Battery x1 Baseball Bat x1 Bomb Hat x1 Problem Sleuth poster x1
Con Air Bunny x1 Basketball x1 Cat Eye Glasses x1 Failure to Launch poster x1
Dutton Photo x1 Bomb x1 Cat Tail x1 SBaHJ Furry Poster x1
Egg x1 Book x3 Hat x1 Ghostbusters Poster x1
Faygo x2 Bow x1 Headphones x1 Squiddles Poster x1
Fine China x1 Bow and Arrow x1 Newsboy Cap x1 A Time to Kill Poster x1
Hiveswap CD x1 Bowling Pin x1 Pants x1 Game Grl Sburb poster x1
Hot Dog x1 Branch x1 Ribbon x2 Green Slime Ghost poster x1
Ice Cube x1 Broom x1 Scarf x1 Deep Impact poster x1
Laptop x1 Cake x1 Somberro x1 SBaHJ Hot God poster x1
Nails x1 Candle x1 Top Hat x1 Ghost Dad poster x1
PDA x1 Cane x1 Vantablack Shoes x1 Game Boy Sburb Poster x1
Perfectly Generic Object x4 Cleaver x1 Wide Brim Hat x1 Face Off poster x1
Piece of Uranium x1 Crowbar x1
Pogo x1 Curling Iron x1
Rat Poison x1 Dart x1
Smoke Pellets x1 Fake Arms x1
Squiddle x10 Fan x1
Squiddle Lunch Box x1 Firework Rocket x1
Velvet Pillow x1 Fork x2
Vile Smut x1 Golf Club x1
Violin x1 Hammer x1
Hatchet x1
Hockeystick x1
Hunting Rifle x1
Ice Pick x1
Iron x1
Katana x1
Knife x1
Needles x1
Pile of Shurikens x1
Ψidon's Entente x1
Rolling Pin x1
Sassacre's x1
Sburb Guide for Assholes x1
Screwdriver x1
Shotgun x1
Sledgehammer x1
Stapler x1
Umbrella x1

John Edit

John House

Overhead view of the John default house.

This map is modeled off of John's house from Homestuck. It consists of a single building with two stories.

The player's room has posters on all four walls. Outside that room is a hall with a door directly across, leading to a balcony. On the other end of the hall are two more doors and a staircase. One leads to the bathroom, another to a small bedroom.

At the bottom of the staircase is John's living room with a birthday cake on a couch, a mantle, and three doors. One goes to a room with a piano and a safe, another to the front yard (with a tree, a Pogo, and a mailbox), and the last to the kitchen. The Sburb Disc is in here, on the kitchen table. A door in the kitchen leads to the laundry room, which in turn has a door leading to the empty backyard.

Sburban Edit


Overhead view of the Sburban default house.

This map has one building with three floors.

The player starts out in the kitchen outside their room. Aside from the one to the player's room, the kitchen has two doors. One leads to a laundry room with another door, which is blocked off by an ironing board. The other kitchen door leads to the living room, which has a door to the outside, a door to the bathroom, and a staircase going up.

Up the stairs is a hallway with a knight and a door. The door goes to another living room with instruments strewn about and two more doors. One goes to a bedroom with a Ghost Dad poster. The other to the first roof.

The first roof has five gardening tables and a staircase to the second roof. The second roof is closed off by a fence and gate, which opens up to a door and a staircase to the third roof. The door leads to a room with two large boxes, a safe, a knight, and vile smut on the floor. The Sburb Disc is inside the safe. The third roof has a satellite and a Dutton Photo.

Skeletal Edit

This map consists of one building with four floors.

The player's room is on the fourth floor and contains and abundance of sharp objects. Its outward-leading door leads to an unfenced terrace with four gardening tables, rat poison, a Dutton Photo, more weapons, two large boxes, and four Perfectly Generic Objects. Stairs lead down to another terrace, which appears to serve as the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room. There are several nails on the floor.

Another set of stairs lead to the ground floor, which has seven bathtubs, two washing machines, some posters, and a front yard covered in junk. The yard has an incomplete fence surrounding it. The Sburb Disc is in this yard.

Wizard Edit


Overhead view of the Wizard default house.

This house consists of a single building with five floors.

The player starts outside the house, in front of a large blue-and-black door guarded by two knight statues. The first room inside is further guarded by six more statues and three Con Air Bunnies. A chest sits at the end of the room, before the next door. Two more bunnies are in the next room, along with two gardening tables. Its door leads to a room with a large staircase.

Another bunny, a torn jester, and a Squiddle greet you at the top, and there are two more doors. One goes to a hallway leading to the player's room. The other takes the player to a room with a chest, a Ponce de Leon, and an overflowing mantle. The next door leads to a hallway with another chest and two more doors. This hallway is guarded by a Squiddle and a Pogo. One of the doors is a bathroom. The other has a mausoleum and another door.

Another staircase takes the player to the outside roof, with a door that leads into a library. The library contains bookshelves, a chest, another door, and a staircase. There are a few more books past the other door.

Up the stairs is the second roof, with the next staircase guarded by two Squiddles and a Dutton Photo. At the top of these steps is a room with a chest. Inside the chest is the Sburb Disc.

Trivia Edit

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