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The Royal Deringer is a Bladekind weapon, and as such, will either slot into your Bladekind Strife Specibus or create a new one. Attempting to equip the Royal Deringer when your Strife Specibus has four other specibi will result in the weapon being captchalogued.

The Royal Deringer deals 5 base damage.


The Royal Deringer can be made using a Carved Totem made from a Punched Royal Deringer. It can also be obtained from the Explore Atheneum tab while in the House Creator's Build Mode.

The Royal Deringer can also be purchased from stores on a Player's Land for 34 Boondollars or found naturally in Dungeons

Used In Crafting[]


In Homestuck, Davesprite has Hephaestus fix the broken version of Caledfwlch, turning it into the Royal Deringer; However, in The Genesis Project, the sword remains whole and may be used this way, while in Homestuck the sword is broken by Dave before he can use it.