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The SBAHJ poster is an incredibly shitty item. It only costs 1 Build grist to deploy from the deploy menu in BUILD MODE, and it also is refunded for 1 Build grist. It gives items the Shitty quality but, as of 0.4.6 alchemising it with anything provides a cost of -2.3G Build Grist, meaning you GAIN 2.3G Build Grist on alchemisation. This generally overflows to -(2.3G - Current Build Grist) on alchemisation. Unless you have exactly 0 Build Grist, this will make your grist count negative, meaning you are unable to build, alchemise, and generally do anything involving Build Grist until you alchemise the shitty item again and it reverses the issue. Weapons alchemised with this will tend towards a negative attack value.

How to obtain[]

The SBAHJ Poster can either be made using a Cruxite Dowel from the Explore Antheum tab while in Sburb or can be found naturally in these maps :

  • Dad_Tower
  • Dave
  • Great
  • Industrial
  • Sburban


As of 0.4.5 certain posters could not be picked up.

This item is used in the alchemisation of the sord...[sic.].

All negative grist items are bugged in the same way this is.

Weapons created using this are the only items in the game which heal upon hit.q