The Sburb Guide for Assholes is a Bookkind weapon, and as such, will either slot into your Bookkind Strife Specibus or create a new one. Attempting to equip the Sburb Guide for Assholes when your Strife Specibus has four other specibi will result in the weapon being captchalogued.

The Sburb Guide for Assholes deals 1 base damage, and can attack 2 times per second.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Sburb Guide for Assholes can be created using a Cruxite Dowel found in the Explore Antheum tab in the server-side HUD of Sburb. It can also be found either in the Dungeon or in the following maps:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The title on the book art reads, "SBURB for ASSHOLES by Buckminster Funnyuncle" while the game labels it as "Sburb Guide for Assholes".
  • The front cover is a red-and-black self-help book titled, "SBURB for ASSHOLES" by Buckminster Funnyuncle. A quote at the top reads, "You're welcome, etc etc" - FUNNYUNCLE.
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