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Upon opening your Cruxtruder for the first time It will produce a flashing orb known as a Kernelsprite. Like in Homestuck, Kernelsprites are supposed to serve as guides to the player and help them throughout their journey. But before that, Kernelsprites must be prototyped. Prototyping a Kernelsprite involves combining the Kernelsprite with something, be it an inanimate object or creature, living or deceased. In The Genesis Project, this can be done by having it bump into a compatible item. After the Kernelsprite is prototyped, the player must then enter The Medium for their sprite to become useful. At that point, the sprite will initiate a brief conversation with the player, and from then on will heal the player during combat. 

The sprites in The Genesis project currently work differently than the ones in Homestuck, some major differences being:

  • You may only prototype a sprite once, currently. 
  • Sprites are only capable of healing, instead of being combatants. 
  • Sprites and their prototyping do not currently affect the outcome of a TGP session.

One thing to note is that prototyping does alter enemies. It is currently purely cosmetic, but that is very liable to change in coming updates.

Types of Sprites[]

Available sprites[]

  • Colonel Sassacre, an old timer with japes-a-plenty.
  • Bunny, a stuffed friend brought to life.
  • Knight, whose prototyping has not diminished his loyalty.
  • Squiddle, like Horror Terrors, but more cuddly!
  • Harlequin, a definitively (un)trustworthy helper. Not going to prank you. Nope
  • Problem Sleuth, hard-boiled detective/confectionery-based vampire
  • Dog, a loyal childhood companion brought back to life.
  • Cat, a dead friend brought back, unable to speak but doing its best.
  • Bird, a silent contender for possibly the coolest kernelsprite.
  • Princess, a royal fabric construct.
  • Lil Cal, Oh No, Hell No, HELL FUCKING NO
  • Charles Dutton, Author of Dream Bubbles, Father of Hussie and first son of Skaia.
  • Moth, It seems a small insect was sitting on that tacky lamp you threw into the kernelsprite and is now griddying

Discontinued sprites[]

  • Sweet Bro, where doing it man.
  • Hella Jeff, where MAKING THIS HAPEN
  • Nicolas Cage, I'M A VAMPIRE!!! You don't say?
  • Green Slime Ghost, would make for an interesting shirt design
  • Star Platinum, Your punchy frien
  • Ladder,
  • Tavros, this sprite seems too confused and generally awkward to hold a conversation right now
  • Nepeta, dear sweet precious fefe- nepeta
  • Gamzee, a mistake you're not mentally prepared to handle yet.
  • Terezi, a friend you didn't know you needed
  • Equius, the sweaty sidekick you genuinely never wanted
  • Sollux, if he knew how he'd be actively cheating in items for you
  • Vriska, they will totally not kill you the first chance they get
  • Feferi, nothing fishy about this fine fellow
  • Eridan, ew, simpsprite
  • Kanaya, a bit snappy but overall supportive, this sprite will do
  • Aradia, the silence of this sprite is rather counterintuitive of the item you gave up for them
  • 7Up, Fizzy Friend (Use the Dio Figurine)
  • CDI Link, you thought you heard this one got patched out (Use the Faces of Evil CD)

Unfinished sprites[]