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This page is incomplete, a better list can be found at Strife Specibi

Weapons can be used.

Name Strifekind Speed Damage DPS Tags Recipe
Shovel Spoon
Crockercorp Stand Spoon Spoon
Crockercorp Spoon Spoon
Grimspoon Spoon
Shovel of Hope Spoon
Ladle Spoon
PogoShovel Spoon
Shovl Spoon
Spoon Spoon
Sickle Sickle
Scythe Sickle
Clawsickle Sickle
Regisickle Sickle
Homes Smell Ya Later Sickle
Pogo Sickle Sickle
Curvy Driftwood Sickle
Reaping-hook of Zillywai Sickle
Sickle Rick Sickle
Hunting Rifle Rifle